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Cloud Creek Systems, Inc. one of few elite Oracle technology service provider in North America. With over 1,500 successful client engagements, Cloud Creek focuses on delivering real value to any organization utilizing Oracle products.

CCS completes projects on time and on budget. We do this by recruiting and retaining the strongest technical resources available and employing them full time with Cloud Creek. This gives CCS a competitive advantage in offering top notch service that is going to be consistent, delivering the same level of high quality work each and every time we’re hired.

Oracle Certified and Specialized, Cloud Creek has invested in our team to provide the best services possible. With key Certified Oracle Specializations; Cloud Creek's talent is cross trained and takes a team approach to challenging project deployments leading to better collaboration and successful assignment results!

CCS is a leader in Oracle’s Engineered Systems technology, with Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) and Exadata deployment experience. When it comes to an “Oracle on Oracle” investment, NO one is better equipped to deliver a real return on that investment than us!